Fuck white people.

White people are pissed.

Their rage is without reason, as the rage of colonizers usually is. And if this time-space differs in some ways from those we typically recognize as “colonial,” the differences are minor: the underlying structure is the same. At Standing Rock, the US government renews its commitment to the extermination of Native Americans. Every five minutes, another police officer goes off the rails and murders another black man who has not yet been relegated to the slow death of mass incarceration. In a bold expression of participatory democracy, millions of angry white people elected as President a fucking Nazi whose campaign promises included building a wall to keep out Mexicans and creating a national registry to keep tabs on Muslims.

But is anyone surprised? In The Colonizer and the Colonized, Albert Memmi described what we are seeing. The colonizer, Memmi writes,

is fed up with his subject, who tortures his conscience and his life. He tries to dismiss him from his mind, to imagine the colony without the colonized. . . . But the colonialist realizes that without the colonized the colony would have no meaning. This intolerable contradiction fills him with a rage, a loathing, always ready to be loosed on the colonized, the innocent yet inevitable reason for his drama; and not only if he is a policeman or a government specialist, whose professional habits find unhoped-for possibilities of expression in the colony. I have been horrified to see peaceful public servants and teachers (who are otherwise courteous and well-spoken) suddenly change into vociferous monsters for trifling reasons.

White people are losing their shit. Case in point:

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